Are you afraid to jump into a relationship because you want some kind of guarantee that it will last forever? It might last forever, whatever that is, but there are no guarantees.

You may simply wind up looking for the perfect partner who, of course, does not exist. No one is perfect and the expectation is foolish and may cause you to pass on some good relationship opportunities.

Face the fact that relationships, no matter how good they seem in the beginning, can end. Things and people change. This is a simple reality even though it seems unpleasant.

Obviously, it’s painful when a relationship ends but it isn’t the end of the world as some people imagine. Certainly, you may grieve the ending but it’s important to remember that when one thing ends it makes room for something new. Just get up and try again or try something new. There may be some valuable growth associated with being alone.

Once you are ready, remember that what you are looking for is a relationship. Don’t lose sight of that because it’s important. A good, solid marriage can only develop from a happy and healthy relationship.