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The Happiness of Others

When we are in an intimate relationship it’s normal to care about the happiness of your partner. This is a good thing but where we sometimes get lost and create difficulties for ourselves and our partner is when we feel responsible for that happiness. There is a chasm between caring about and being responsible for and our own happiness could depend on knowing the difference.

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Great Book On Relationship and Marriage

The book that had the most impact on my life and my relationships was written in 1923 and still sells thousands of copies every year. The Prophet, written by Kahlil Gibran definitely changed my life. I can’t begin to say how many times I read it and I even had a cassette of it to play in my car. I still give away copies as valuable gifts to those I care about. It is worthwhile reading for your life but absolutely critical for happy and healthy relationships.

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The Real You!

Letting your partner know the real you is the only thing that makes sense. It is difficult to keep up a role you will drop in time and the real you will emerge anyway. When that happens it could confuse your partner and even cause him or her to end the relationship.

Help your relationship last by being real at all times. It may not always be pleasant but once things are worked out it will be better for both.

It’s good to do things to please your partner and fine if those things involve a change in you, as long as the change is real and not an act. Keep it real and stay happy and healthy.

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Always Be Yourself

Leave acting out of your relationship. It’s important for your partner to see the real you. This sounds simple but it is amazing how many people are playing games in their relationships.

Acting like you don’t care about certain things when they really bother you. Or, saying that you care very much about something when you don’t. Both of these are dishonest and can cause problems for a relationship.

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Welcome To Relationship

Coming soon a completely new Relationship blog. Check back regularly for new postings and pages.

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