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Good Advice From Mom

My friend June Wolf emailed me some advice that she gave her daughters just before they got married. I thought it valuable and share it below with her permission.

When my two daughters married, there were those moments before the ceremony that were very precious. Dad had his time with them, exchanged hugs and tears and then came my turn. My advice to each of them was to stop reading magazines that had checklists about relationships. Seems every time we were in a store there were blazing headlines about the 10 things to look for in a man. Don’t know why it was always the number 10 or usually about men! If his hair was combed one way, be careful of this or that. If he wore certain clothing beware of this or that. If he looked at you in a certain way, he was thinking this. I began to feel that men were going to lose no matter how they looked or acted. It must have been very intimidating for them to even put their socks on without feeling they were being judged. I didn’t want my daughters hugging their new husbands with a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other. I told them to keep their relationship in the moment. No looking back or predicting the future. Just be present and honest and years down the road their love would still be fresh.

Category: Marriage