Good Relationships 101

A healthy relationship can be the most important aspect of 
a happy and productive life. 

Even if your relationship is enduring unpleasantness,
you can learn how to make it happier and healthy in a short time. 

Now you can make the choices that will keep you
out of a bad relationship or
save you from a painful breakup.

Good Relationships 101: Keeping Relationships Happy and Healthy will help you restore passion and happiness to your relationship. Read what just a few are saying about this important book.

Mr. Benitez has written a gentle, wise, and intelligent book. You can think of it as a "user friendly handbook" for successfully nurturing the relationships in your life. The concepts can be applied to any type of relationship: parent - child, friend - friend, husband - wife. It is full of examples and tasks that can be easily applied to one's own life. Like other excellent handbooks it is written so you can pick the parts that you need to read. The table of contents is thorough and all of your issues are right in front of you. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in making their relationships better and becoming a happier person. An amazing tool, a great gift, and a life long partner.

P.R. Austin, Texas

I really enjoyed reading Good Relationships 101, especially the chapters on time together, respect, playing, and showing your love. It is wonderful that you write about these experiences and teach us the value in every relationship. 

C.G.   Austin, Texas

Good Relationships 101 is concise yet easy to read. As a single person who has been tentative about beginning a new partnership; it made me realize that relationships do not have to be complicated and difficult. In fact, I can see that the simple advice you write about is the most effective in keeping a relationship alive and well. Thank you for condensing your experience into understandable and doable ideas. I have renewed hope that relationships can be fun and long-lasting.

S.L.   Austin, Texas

Three Years Ago - The original idea for Good Relationships 101: Keeping Relationships Happy and Healthy was born about three years ago when my wife and I were asked to speak to our local meditation group about our relationship. We were members of the group for some time and people seemed to sense that we had a good relationship. Our presentation was well received and we later spoke of creating a book about good relationships. It has been a long time but the idea became a reality

Now you can improve your relationship skills by sharing what I learned the hard way. That is certainly one way to learn about life and relationships but you can save yourself a lot of mistakes and suffering by reading Good Relationships 101: Keeping Relationships Happy and Healthy. The book is written for easy reading and understanding so the information will be of real value to everyone who cares about maintaining a good relationship.

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Having a good relationship requires effort. Mutual respect and love are critical elements and the first step is to understand exactly what that means. Defining love is not easy because everyone seems to have a different definition even though so many believe there is only one definition.

The Definition - It was obvious that writing a book on relationships required a clear definition of love as the foundation for everything else. But who can really make that judgment and how? My definition is clear, unique and should be of real value to anyone in an intimate relationship. While essential, it was not easy to define love because it's not exactly the same for everyone. My definition is based on my own first hand experiences and those of many other couples.

Sixteen Chapters - Included in the book is an introduction and sixteen chapters about maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Listed below is the basic content of each of the chapters:

About Relationships - Learn about the concept of a soul mate and what it really means. plus valuable information about marriage, breaking up and divorce.

Marriage and Divorce - Learn valuable information about marriage, breaking up and the pain of divorce.
Establishing A Relationship - Learn why relationship is even more important than marriage and how to establish a good one.
Breaking Up - Learn about the problems that lead to breakups and the unnecessary pain caused by breakups.

Keys for Good Relationships - Learn the basics for a happy and healthy relationship, including the importance of touch, attitude, listening, and intimacy.

Time together - Learn about the importance of spending time with your partner. Why it’s necessary to schedule time to enjoy things together. How traditions can help keep relationships together. Learn how to share the load everyday and be yourself.

Playing - Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you stop playing. Spontaneity for adventures together or just cuddling and lightening up can be fun for couples.

Friends - Friendships sometimes suffer as a relationship grows. You partner may not like your friends and vice versa. Learn how best to deal with this problem.

Handling Problems - If you have a fully honest relationship, problems will arise. You can learn to handle those problems in ways that are best for both partners.

Giving - Learn how giving and taking affects your relationship and how handling this affects the health and happiness of the relationship.

Don’t Hold Back - A healthy relationship is dependent on honesty and full communications. Share your problems and your happiness. Learn to avoid keeping feeling locked up.

Show Your Love - An important but often overlooked aspect of relationships. Here is a list of ways to show your love to your partner.

Respect - This is a critical topic because without respect a relationship can never be good. In spite of this, mutual respect is lacking in many intimate relationship.

Some Valuable Tips - Learn these helpful tips and they will contribute to the health and happiness of any relationship.

Serious Problems - Learn about the problems that can almost certainly end your relationship and how to avoid them.

About Love - What could be more difficult than defining love. I take my shot at a definition in this section and tell you all about another little book that helped me immensely over the years.

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