Welcome To Good Relationships 101

This blog is about relationships. Mostly it’s about intimate relationships but feel free to post about friends or family relationships also. I look forward to all viewpoints.

Click on Relationship Posts above to find and comment on posts. Parts of these posts will appear in a book to be published later this year. You can contribute to the value of the book by posting your comments.

I don’t have formal qualifications regarding relationships but I do possess a wealth of personal experience and to the extent that may be helpful, I am prepared to share. For those who feel that formal education on relationships is essential to writing about it, you are at the wrong blog. Otherwise,  I hope you will participate with me and post your thoughts. Thanks.

One note of warning, I welcome any post related to relationships but please avoid off topic posting. Posts related to other topics, Internet business, obvious advertising attempts, and any porn related posts will be promptly deleted without comment or explanation.

Good relationships are built on plenty of elements.  The focus, or most important element is almost always different from one relationship to another, as every relationship is very complex.  All have issues and time of stress and trouble, but being able to find a quick dispute resolution can make all the difference.

2 Responses to “Welcome To Good Relationships 101”

  1. Chuck says:

    I like this relationship blog! It talks about “why” people still get married even though there may be “red flags” telling them not to.


  2. billbenitez says:

    Thanks Chuck,

    I enjoyed the “red flags” post on your blog. If more people followed this advice they would be much less likely to wind up in unhappy and unhealthy relationships. Thanks for your comment.