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This blog is mostly it’s about intimate relationships but, in most cases, the same things apply to any relationship. Feel free to post about friends or family relationships also. I look forward to all viewpoints.

Click on Relationship Posts above to find and comment on posts. Parts of these posts appear in my new book Relationship: Notes On Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce, available now at: http://notesonrelationship.com and on Amazon.

I make no pretense of formal training in relationship or marriage counseling as you can read in the disclaimer. However, I do possess a wealth of personal experience and to the extent that may be helpful, I am prepared to share. I hope you will participate with me and post your thoughts.

Good relationships are based on many factors not the least of which is mutual respect.  Beyond respect a relationship requires love, caring, and understanding. Relationships are seldom simple and these factors can definitely keep things peaceful, harmonious, and happy. Thanks.

One note of warning, I welcome any post related to relationship but please avoid off topic posting. Posts related to other topics, Internet business, obvious advertising attempts, and any porn related posts will be promptly deleted without comment or explanation.


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